Don't litter.

That is common knowledge in every village.

Suicide is an act of revenge against yourself, and I personally have nothing against myself.

I'm having a rough week.

Stay calm. You'll have your reward tomorrow.

We're just two friends who happen to be roommates.

He was called back from his trip.

Not that shirt, the other one.

Nicholas is moving across the country.

Does Jurevis have a boyfriend, yet?

Mongo suspected Antonio was kidding.

That's a little unfair.

Don't be so childish.


That's completely understandable.


Asteroids can be a few feet to several hundred miles wide.

I was supposed to be home before midnight. My parents will kill me.

Lum had something in his hand.

Who do you think will be the first one in our class to get married?

I didn't get an email from you today.

Isidore is obsessed with fashion.

The president awarded medals Generals Jackson and Smith.

By the way, I've got to tell you something.

Blake is under investigation.

I wanted to say something, but I was too scared.

She said she'll let her hair grow long.

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There were indeed seven of us.


The bus will arrive within ten minutes.

The meeting will take place next Sunday.

This is where Naren used to sit.

Rabbits are extremely social animals.

At first, I mistook you for your brother.


This is the woman whose cars were stolen.

Edward is incredible.

He who wants to travel the path of wisdom must not fear failure, for no matter how much progress he makes, his goal remains unattainably far off.

The path of least resistance is paved only at the beginning.

Your sovereign is king of Prussia and emperor of Germany.

You told Knudsen that he was adopted, didn't you?

Who do you like?

That computer has a quad-core processor.

I won't have you lying to me!


I'm so happy you found me.


The protesters demanded government reform.

I consulted the handbook.

I plan to stay there one week.

I don't want to fight you on this.

Will you help me with Kinch?


This is my office.


How do I know you're not lying to me right now?

Do you think Olson likes his job?

The students applauded.

By no means may you cut out the pictures from the books on the bookshelf.

Craps is a game of chance played with dice.


I won't harm you.

I didn't like what he said at all.

I cannot heat the dinner. There is no gas.

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I have a slight headache today.

We must start the impeachment process as soon as possible, if there's any hope of it succeeding.

Luckily, I was wrong.

Does this mean that we have to file bankruptcy?

Harvey got back in his Jeep and started the engine.


Sooner would be better.

We can deliver the product in June.

It couldn't have been easy.

I talked to Knudsen about what happened.

This is my decision.

Jurevis doesn't look his age.

Agatha and Mah hid their relationship from their parents.

Are you going to be able to do this?

My patience is wearing thin.

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Mr. President, my name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.

From everything you've told me, Merton loved you.

Unfortunately, I don't share your views.

Canada has thirteen provinces and territories.

I don't believe I know Real.

I think that's the guy who attacked me.

The decline can be traced to the 1950s.

This can be a daunting task.

She cannot have done such a thing.

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Darrell unbuckled his belt.


George couldn't help it.

Don't let the dog in.

Unable to sense the situation.

I asked Alain to play the guitar.

She attracts hairy men.

It's his job to pull the weeds in the garden.

I was going to call him today.

He has a firm belief.

It's compact and lightweight.

Shadow urged Lievaart to drive carefully.

The price is too high.

You're on your own for lunch.

I know who got arrested.

My father became senior foreman at the plant.

The weather has a great deal to do with our health.

I will have left when you return.

We shared everything.

He had got nationwide fame.

Srivatsan and Terry were both surprised.


Christmas Gingerbread / honey cake is a traditional dessert of Germany


I considered changing my job, but in the end I decided not to.

Kee didn't have to tell me why because I already knew.

Do you know when Gilles might be back?

He told me to meet him at the restaurant.

You've got 24 hours.


On Tatoeba, there are a lot of grammatically correct but strange sentences, hardly comprehensible out of context.


I was on my way home.


I hit upon a good idea then.

That sounds fair.

You better be honest with me, or else I'll tell our mother.

Taurus didn't tell Del how much money he'd spent.

The teacher asked the students to practice the dialogue in pairs.

I think they know us.

You're in command.

Let me borrow that.

It takes eight hours to fly from Zurich to Boston, but only six for the return trip.


All of us should strive for immortality.

My sat nav doesn't work abroad.

When can we get started?

This information is incorrect.

I wish I had more to give you.

My father is very particular about food.

That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.

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After a few years in place of "The international language of Dr. Esperanto" the short name "Esperanto" came into use. Therefore on this day we celebrate all over the world the 125th anniversary of Esperanto.


She heated up the cold soup for supper.

Chase that duck out of the courtyard.

What were they laughing at?

Do you know where I can find Soohong?

The scenery at the plantation is so delightful!

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Is the capital city of Russia not Moscow?

By gift of the late Mr Smith the hospital received 3,000 dollars.

If you don't do that, you will be a dead man.


He finds it difficult to keep up with the rest of the class.


The movie was more interesting than I expected.


I'll be careful.

Let's see what Ahmed has to say about Huey's plan.

He made a clean breast of his troubles to her.

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Lui was the oldest person in the room.

Ariel hadn't been prepared for that.

How would Jerry know?

He lived in Istanbul for years. He speaks Turkish very well.

Dan wanted to come by to see Linda's son.

I should like to speak to the manager.

You'll be great.

I didn't say this was my office.

The penalty was missed.


The kids traded baseball cards.

Are you a vegetarian?

Let's hit the road.

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We're a big family.

I don't want to know anything.

The people got excited at the news.

The first step is a doozy.

I'm sure it wasn't me who did that.

Would you like to go to Germany with me?

Vegetarians don't eat meat, but they eat red apples.

I will wait here until he comes back.

He was advanced to the rank of general.

He got into his car in a hurry.

I came to see the show.

I know that I'll die soon.

I'm sick of conferences these days.


Stop complaining and do as you're told.


I wouldn't mind helping you.

No one would talk about it.

Donna raised five children.


Lychees taste of grapes.